The research results can provide a research foundation and practical value for the protection and review systems of patent data. A scheme for patent data access control and protection is proposed based on blockchain technology under the blockchain scenario. The proposed scheme combines data fragmentation and data encryption technologies to protect patent data privacy and content effectively. The examples prove that the scheme is safe and reliable in terms of privacy protection. The performance analysis of the proposed model further proves that the proposed scheme is efficient and feasible in actual application scenarios.

  • By following our comprehensive guide to troubleshooting Nvidia GeoForce Experience, you will be able to utilize the graphic control panel effectively.
  • SnapTube is a convenient and rapid YouTube to MP3 downloader for Android.
  • Some keys, such as the function keys , do not work with every application.

Controller will work on my brothers PS4, tried his DS4 in the console and that won’t connect either. Plug the USB with the re-installation file into the console. The first one is that it worked, so you don’t need to read further. Use the point of a paperclip or something similar to press down on the button.

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You should be able to fix the issue by yourself using this blog. Still, if the problem is not fixed on your blog then you can also take help from official support from the website of your laptop. There you will find people who will help you whether the problem is with software or hardware. If your laptop is in warranty period then you will also get services for free of cost. If you want to enable/disable the function key then you can follow the above steps.

However, at least you didn’t jump to conclusions if all you needed was a minor fix. If you’re using your PS4 controllers for the first time, the first thing to do is pairing. Pairing is when the controller and the PS4 find each other wirelessly and connect. This is also what you need to do if you want to connect your controller to a different device. Unfortunately, if you want to sync the PS4 controller, there’s no wireless way to do so like with Bluetooth. You’ll need to manually connect it to your PS4 using the accompanying cable and then start the pairing process. From wireless phones to wireless computers, earphones, and controllers — the world has slowly embraced the wireless life.

By default, Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom saves the output audio file in MP3 format, so it lacks the possibility to choose an output audio format. For older versions of Audacity, you may need to install LAME MP3 file support to save the recorded audio as an MP3 file. See the section below for additional information. If the Stereo Mix option is still not available, it is likely because your computer has an integrated sound card. Stereo Mix is not available with many integrated sound cards and you cannot download streaming audio from a YouTube video. We recommended trying the online service or YouTube-dl solution instead.

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Search the video in MiniTool YouTube downloader, and then convert it to MP3 or WAV file. The fast, flexible YouTube audio downloader is designed to convert video from one format to another, and converting YouTube videos to MP3s may not be its primary function. ClipGrab lets you easily convert YouTube to MP3, and lets you download streaming videos from a wide range of Foxlink Drivers free download sites including Vimeo and Dailymotion. Aside from the bundling of the Opera browser, it is a good tool to download music from YouTube.